About Us

Our Vision

We are passionate about creating inspirational places and homes for people to live. We strongly believe good design should stand the test of time. We want to see all the hard work of our talented designers brought to life through our client’s visions.

Our Mission

We want to make everything for our clients as easy as possible with a consultancy they trust. We offer a simple and effective solution. A process of taking sites from land acquisition right through to construction with one point of contact, one invoice and 100% accountability.

Our Values

Fair working and greater opportunity are the foundation the company was built. We strongly believe in the wellbeing of our staff, freedom and flexibility are the route to a happier and more fulfilling work environment.

Our History

Ibsen Dean started life as Innovative Design and Planning Ltd (ID Planning). ID Planning soon created a reputation for providing quality large scale residential schemes for local, regional and national developers. This reputation allowed the company to grow and operate in new sectors and offer new services.

Our Present

In 2020 it was decided we had outgrown our name and it was time for an upgrade. Ibsen Dean was created to allow us to be unique and offer more services such as master planning, landscaping and engineering but still maintain that high standard in our design and planning work.

Our Future

We are very excited at what the future holds. We plan to keep employing new staff with fresh new skills to make sure we always offer the highest level of service and cutting-edge solutions. Our focus is to ensure the same high standards as we grow our teams and to give every team member the opportunity to reach their full potential in the comfort of a supportive work environment.